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Digital Transformation

We specialise in modernising and improving your organisation through digitalisation, through which you can expect to gain increased productivity, efficiency, and awareness, forming an agile stance that will empower your organisation to respond to changes as they occur, and maintain a competitive standing in this ever-changing always-on digital world.

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Recommended tools

Explore & benefit from our experience with these powerful tools:

While Active Campaign is technically classified as a marketing automation tool, when put in the right hands it actually has the power to do so much more – for some clients the a) built-in CRM-like functionality combined with b) the impressive array of native API integrations it supports out of the box, Active Campaign is perfectly adequate to satisfy many an SME’s CRM needs.

Moreover, once you become familiar with how powerful Active Campaign’s automations are (and their impact on your bottom line), you’re likely to adjust your CRM selection criteria to consist only of CRMs with powerful automation functionality, which will probably leave you deciding between: Active Campaign, HubSpot, SalesForce, or SAP. With Active Campaign sitting at the lower end of the fee scale, it forms quite a compelling offer.

In the Information Age we’re blessed to be living in, email isn’t simply email any more. It makes sense both for personal and business matters to use an email address that is supported by an ecosystem of solutions ranging from security to productivity. To this end, our email provider of choice is the Google Suite, which as you may know includes Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and so much more, taking care of all your general stationary needs in one convenient account.

With 800+ Top Level Domain (TLD) extension options (such as .com, .service, etc), EuroDNS provides possibly the most comprehensive range of domains on the market under one platform. Despite this generous convenience, EuroDNS’s domain purchase fees are consistent with market standards. All factors considered, EuroDNS is our preferred platform to both identify the availability of domains, and house them.

While Amazon’s AWS is without question the preferred hosting solution for enterprise sized clients, the practicality of the administration required to run an AWS hosting solution can be too involved for many SME’s.

Our SME clients generally find that Site Ground’s hosting packages suite their needs very well, and they appreciate the bonus free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that Site Ground includes with their hosting services (valued at a minimum of €50).

Thankfully the constant printing, signing, scanning, and sending back of contracts are a thing of the past as solutions like SignRequest provide an electronic contract signing solution that is legally binding, maintains the highest standards of security, is faster, easier, saves money, and generally helps keep paperwork orderly.

While SignRequest has a number of competitors, it is our tool of choice thanks to its easy user interface and data logging features.

JotForm is likely to be the most powerful code-free form solution available on the market thanks to its amazingly function-rich features such as conditional settings, payment integrations, calculation tools, and so much more adding to its growing list of 200+ integrations, and its broad range of pre-styled templates.

To make the decision to get started easier, and to help smaller organisations, JotForm subscriptions start with a free level that includes the full scope of features available with JotForm.


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