We Optimise Productivity & Forge Durable Competitivity


about us.

Welcome to Deedy Technologies.

We optimise productivity and forge durable competitivity by streamlining operational practices through Digital Transformation Consultancy and ICT Implementation Services.

Our focus on innovative technology and broad experience ensures high ROIs for our clients, and our wholesome values makes us easy to work with.


Our Vision, Mission & Values

We adhere to these simple ideals with profound results

Our Vision

We envisage workplaces can be a place where HR capacity is primarily engaged in activities utilising higher level talents – I.e. not consumed by unfulfilling, unnecessary, disjointed, or uncompetitive manual-admin-heavy processes.

Our Mission

To make our clients more profitable, our clients’ teams happier, and our clients’ customers more satisfied by getting systems to do what work that they can, thereby empowering people to engage in more interesting and fulfilling activities.

Our Values

Do everything with care

for our clients, communities, environment, and each other.

Innovate with technology

raise the bar of what’s possible for our clients.

Work with purpose

aim for fulfilment by making a lasting, wholesome impact.


Our Partnerships & Licenses

We are directly Licensed Partners of the following organisations

Why Select Us?

We treat clients as investments into our future.


We recognise our clients as investments into our future, we strive to deliver holistic solutions with ongoing value.


We assist in determining core goals for the digital transformation of your organisation, and implement our strategic solutions.


We dive down deep into your processes as automating them requires formulating every possible variation they may have.


Through digitalising your organisation, you can expect we will boost your operational performance and staffs’ happiness.


Your organisation is sure to learn a lot about itself through our services to complete the digital transformation.


We pride ourselves on speedy, punctual delivery of agreed milestones as we appreciate it is required for good planning.

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Current Clients.

We are proud to have served:​​
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Ethical Client screening

Our client screening due diligence process includes environmental and social impact considerations consistent with our company values, positioning Deedy Technologies as an attractive employer for conscientious talent.

Ethical client selection practices